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Welcome to Just Paws Transport!

We're a boutique pet transport business offering ground transport for your pet from door-to-door.
Your new puppy or beloved family pet will arrive to your family safe, sound, and well looked after. We take care of your pets as though they were our own. As lifelong pet owners, we know how much your fur-ever friend means to your family.

Why Choose Just Paws?

We know that moving or travelling with your pet can be stressful and confusing. Our aim is to take that stress away. Just Paws are here to offer you the most reliable and passionate pet transport services throughout the States.
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Comfort Comes First

Ensuring happy travellers.

Our carriers are outfitted with pottypads, collapsible water/food bowl clipped to the inside, hand wipes, paper towels, and if you choose a Snuggle Puppy to emulate the warmth and heartbeat of the puppy’s mother as it travels. These carriers are never shared.

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Covid Regulations

One puppy. One carrier.

In these days of coronavirus, we take additional precautions to ensure your pup and you are safe. We wear masks, sanitize, and keep our travel carriers extra clean. We offer soft-side travel carriers for sale which means the carrier your pup travels in is yours to keep.

Our passionate team are waiting to help. Click for a quote and we'll pack your pet's suitcase, no need to worry!

What clients say

People that are using our products are happy to share their experience.
Carrie Gifford

Carrie Gifford

"We can not say enough wonderful things about Just Paws Pet Transport. Lisa and Matt went above and beyond to make sure our puppy had the best experience making his way from Ohio to California. Lisa was so kind and thoughtful keeping us posted sending us photos and videos during the entire process. Our puppy arrived at the airport happy and healthy, you would have never known that he had just been on an epic adventure. Lisa and Matt are pure animals lovers who have your pets best interest at heart. We will be forever grateful that Lisa and Matt were willing to bring our puppy to us during a time when most people can not travel. Thank you for all you have done for our family. We feel so complete with our little Arthur….."

Shakey Kessisian

Shakey Kessisian

Matt & Lisa provided me an excellent customer experience from the time I was selecting my dog to the delivery. They communicated with me about the journey my pup would experience until she was delivered to my home on July 17, 2020. The puppy would be in a clean crate and in the car with frequent stops and a snuggle bear if I wanted to purchase one that would emulate the Moms heartbeat to reduce the stress of travel. They arrived early with a wonderful beautiful smelling puppy Hazel now “Anula”. Both extremely sweet and professional, they brought her in and chatted with us about the car ride and the adventure my puppy had gone through to get to Boston. They are exceptional & would refer them to anyone that is looking for that special delivery service for their precious animal. Thank You 🥰

Reina & Boyd Family

Reina & Boyd Family

"Matt and Lisa with Just Paws Pet Transport did wonderful job delivering our new furry family member to us! We were super excited and anxious to meet our little Miles; Matt and Lisa were great at staying in touch and giving updates. They took excellent loving care of our little pup and he arrived very happy and super fresh and clean. They gave us all of the information we needed. Miles was in amazing, safe, loving hands with Just Paws Pet Transport. We highly recommend Just Paws Pet Transport as they are excellent and have decades of experiences with dogs and animals. I would not use any other transport for my furry loved one!!!"